Brianna Lance, Creative

Brianna Lance lives in NYC; was born in Texas; grew up in Texas and NYC; is a fantastic friend and wonderful dancer.

It’s easy to find Brianna (aka Breez) in a crowd. Nearly 6′ tall with fiery red hair, she has the energy of a 70s front woman familiar with adoring attention. She’s probably also wearing a copper colored shaggy fur that just almost matches her hair. A sight for sore eyes when the party is full of strangers let me tell you.

I can’t remember where we met. Dymphna’s? Doesn’t matter. Friendship happened fast and I’m forever stoked. She’s a renaissance woman – creative consulting, music-making, DJ-ing, painting, jewelry designing – and an excellent time manager to boot. Is that the secret to success? Brianna and I have worked on a few different projects over the year or so we’ve become friends – fundraisers for Frankie, a music video for her record release, this sick t-shirt* that benefits Planned Parenthood – and she’s always a delight. Using her broad spectrum of talents and connections, she brings people together for causes she believes in and, you know, she really gets shit done. Makes you rethink the idea that “cool” and “nonchalant” are synonymous.

Anyway, here we chat about vintage YSL, the struggle of meeting stranger’s expectations and Larry Clark (the dog, not the man). Read on, read on.

*PS Brianna helped facilitate another charity tee that benefits The Keedz! Read more about them here.

Brianna Lance, Creative - The Frankie Shop Journal
Watercolor painting by Brianna

You and I have had many conversations about the possible never-ending need to meet expectations – often, the expectations of strangers. How do you navigate the worlds of public and private life? Do you think it ends?? 

This whole thing is hard for me.  I realized it’s mainly my personal expectations that [create[ the most pressure. I never want to feel false, so I’m trying to be more honest about how I’m feeling publicly and privately.   That seems to have eased a lot of that overwhelming feeling of needing to live up to the image.

We’re smart talented women! Yet we still feel confined to this frankly silly standard. What is this shallow image to you specifically? 

Most women around me in a nonprofessional setting, the first thing they ask me is, “Who are you dating?”  It makes me feel reduced to my sexual appeal.  It’s as if we still have to be first and foremost “fuckable” and second also successful now.  I don’t know any of the men in my life who are held to the same pressure of allure or the same pressure of success, to be honest.

Would you say your public/social media life is an accurate depiction of what’s really going on privately?

I mean not really. I’m a pretty secretive person in a lot of ways.  That part of me is probably only 25% of my actual life.   I also realize when I’m the happiest and having the best experiences I’m normally too in-the-moment to think about documenting it.

Why do you think we need to create these separate worlds? 

Honestly some people are 100% out there.  I think that’s great if that’s who you are.  I just like a lot of privacy so being completely public about my life isn’t for me.

As an influencer (when will that word stop feeling bad to use?) and as someone that works behind the scenes in fashion, how do you think influencers are changing the world of fashion and style?

Social media has completely changed the whole business.  It has helped lot of brands find a way that makes people feel included and like they can participate in the narrative.  On the other side of that though it makes it harder for people to be really creative because there is more pressure “to perform.”   Working with clients they find it harder to take risks because they are worried about engagement, but at the same time it has helped build a lot of careers (mine included).  So I constantly feel grateful and resentful for the beast.

Will you draw us a picture of the social media beast??

Hahaha.  I like social media to be honest.  I know it’s a monster but I like dragons and snakes too.  I think it’s like all areas of life some people are graceful and interesting with what they do and some people are trashy.   You can’t have the perks with out the negatives.

What’s your favorite project right now? What future projects are you really excited about?

My record “Sensitive Men” came out after 3 years of work on May 9th and that was so cathartic. It was a really difficult process because i didn’t want to follow music industry standards.  Finding people to make and release music in a different way took a long time.

What brands (clothing or other stuff, anything) do you really love at the moment?

I love Chloe right now, Ganni, Staud, Miu Miu, the colors of Sies Marjan, there’s a much longer list but honestly almost all of my clothes are vintage.

What are your dream Frankie items?

Ugh everything.  It’s literally the chicest collection of stuff. Probably the suits and the jumpsuits are my number ones.

If you could only buy one thing right now, what would it be?

If money was no object I would buy Vintage Yves Saint Laurent.

Please tell us about Larry Clark Lance

Larry David! My angel Pomeranian puppy. She’s a demented teddy bear.  She’s a dream.

Brianna Lance, Creative - The Frankie Shop Journal
Watercolor painting by Brianna
Brianna Lance, Creative - The Frankie Shop Journal
Brianna in The Keedz t-shirt. 100% of the shirt's profit's benefit two once-homeless Nairobi skateboarders that found support in their skate community.
Brianna Lance, Creative - The Frankie Shop Journal
Brianna and Larry David. Image via The Coveteur.